kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

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kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

Postby rob umstead » Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:22 pm

A work day has been scheduled for October the 10th in conjunction with the State Park. Volunteers should show up at 9 and we will hammer things out till about 1.

Those of you who have power trimers with saw blades please bring them along. Everyone else bring gloves, pick axes, clippers and energy.

The plan is:

1. Repair the fence along the road to restrict access thru two points of entry. State Park employees will run with this. The long term plan is to get some signage in place at these two entrances that state," Kite board area ...use at you own risk." and hopefully an ariel photo that points out high risk areas for beach users. i.e.. down wind of kiters. Also some Guidelines for kiters, kind of like the duct tape sign Todd made. As the park Ranger said to me "baby steps" with the state bureaucracy. We are also pushing to make the kite area a "Day use Fee area" so that every car parking there is required to have a park pass or pay the daily rate. This will dramatically reduce the number of "non kiters"/beach goers.

2. Continue to clear out the willow shrubs at the north end of the kite area. Would love to get it all cleared to the large willow trees. We will be able to pile up the clippings at the high water mark and have them burned later in the year.

3. Power mowing the smaller off shoots that have grown up from what we cut last fall. The State Park will be there with their tractor to handle this. Off shoots have already grown up about 2 feet since last year.

I have heard some talk about crowds and "letting the bushes grow back". The work we did last year and the previous years has made for a better kite experience for all of us. Anyone who ended up in the bushes or down wind of them would agree. This summer was an unusual situation with Covid. We had many more kiters daily because people weren't working and we also had some weekends where there seemed to be many more riders from out of town as well as other beach users/non kiters hanging out at the launch. When and if our world goes back to "normal" I would expect and hope the number of people at our kite launch will drop dramatically.
However, keep in mind, the Heber Valley is growing and so is our sport, The days of a dozen or so people riding at BWB are long gone. What we can do is maximize the space and organize things so that high traffic areas flow and the scene is safe for all.

One other positive note: The State Park is going to spray the grass field at the launch area to kill the Thistles that are starting to move in. So those of you who purchased State park passes this year, thanks of the investment in our launch.

Thanks to Spenser and everyone that helped pick up trash along the highway at the "Pepe's point" launch last week. Its a much nicer place to hang out now. And Thanks to Austin for alway picking up trash when the wind isn't blowing. That good Karma has gotten us all numerous sessions.
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Re: kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

Postby Todd Jacques » Sat Oct 03, 2020 12:26 pm

I will go on record stating that kite lessons are not good at DC Barb wire beach with high water (into June). The launch has turned into a shit show and kite lesson don’t help. All of this is said with the highest respect to you, but this should be more than your decision.
These problems we are seeing now are not solely because of kite lessons but I think most of us don’t think it is helping.
We wanted to clean the bushes out so we could kite not make it a shit show it is now. I regret ever cutting any bushes down.
• This is an advanced launch with many issues including onshore wind, powerlines, bushes, storm cells, egress in and out issues, parking issues, etc….
• Anybody who wants to kite there can. I am not saying it is mine. But the locals are upset that it has turned into the launch it has turned into. We are not being heard.
• Started out with three kiters and now on a weekday it is 35 plus kiters. This growth is not sustainable. Next year will be 45 kites, and so on
• Parking alone will close this launch down IMO. I have heard the bike path will go through where we park now. If this growth continues there will be nowhere to park and that alone will jeopardize the launch when the sheriff has to enforce no parking in neighbors yards. It is happening now and they are upset that people park in front of their house.
• I have seen two kites in power lines and have heard of more.
• I bought a park pass and have it hanging from my dash every day. Most people don’t get a parks pass, and now that we have cut bushes down we get people driving out on beach and setting up picnic tents and SUPS in dangerous conditions. First time a kite drops on a kid and hurts them it will close the beach?

I do not support another clean up and will not cut bushes down until there is a solid management plan of the paunch. The writing was on the wall this year with the crowds we had. It is time to really consider what is good for the kite launch.

Can we compromise on some items:
• We should all meet at the beach and discuss this
• Maybe not have lessons on busy days? Or take them to the water off of boat?
• We have talked about signage for years and still nothing

Please consider the local kite community and the launch. We really need to consider slowing the growth there to possibly keep it.

Thread years ago that goes into concerns about DC and its launch - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12085&hilit=Deer+Creek#p30194

Thank you
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Re: kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

Postby Mike Hill » Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:37 am

I have found over the years that posting anything on social media is often a mistake, but here I go. I am, as well as most of those that kite BWB are, concerned at what is happening to the parking, access to the water and personal safety. I am only going to try to paint a picture of what has happened and everyone can make their own decisions on what the future should look like. Give or take 15 years ago, when Barb Wire was discovered as a great launch site for kiting, there were NO bushes and usually 1 or 2 kiters on any given day. Often times you kited by yourself. As the bushes grew and the number of kiters increased, the path to open water became increasing difficult to negotiate. This became a bigger problem when a few of the twin tip/ surf boarders began to foil. Body dragging through the narrow opening in the bushes was near impossible and one foiler could tube lock the entrance for awhile as the rest of us waited our turn to get on the water. Some of us, still on twin tips or directionals, cut narrow paths through other parts of the bushes to give a little more access. So several years ago, we all, as a kiting community, decided that we should cut back some of the bushes. During low water times, a few dedicated individuals would take pick axes and clear the stumps that were left after the bush whacking procedure. After a couple of years this seemed to be working. Last year, after a record turn out for the clean up, we ended up with what we have now and Barb Wire Bay was created.
I am, and I think that everyone else is, guilty of getting a friend or family member stoked on and started kiting. It's hard to keep our enthusiasm for the sport quiet. It's TOO much fun. So between that and kite classes, the sport has and will grow exponentially. It's going to continue. As a community, we need to get together and work together in a concerted effort to work through what are going to be a number of upcoming problems so that we can ensure as safe and solid future for BWB as possible.
Unfortunately, it's not and never will be what it was. Look what happened to mountain biking and back country skiing. Where is everyone coming from??? Let's work through this thing and not start a turf war. In the spring, when only Wasatch County residents were allowed to access Deer Creek ( of which there are only a few) it was surprising how many kites were in the air, irregardless what the possible outcome for local kiters might have been had the beach been shut down due to out of county residents accessing a closed area.
As far as the clean up goes, it is already scheduled. If a person feels like that is or is not something that they want to participate in, that is their choice. Lets not , act like our government. Let's get together, respect each other views and make it the best that it can be for all of us.
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Re: kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

Postby Spencer R » Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:55 pm

For those of you that are not on Facebook, I have posted the following on the Utah Kiters and KWA Facebooks forums:

Deer Creek Reservoir - Kite Beach - Clean Up and Improvements 2020 - Saturday October 10th between 9AM to 1PM.

With the low water level this fall, we again are able to improve our high water launch at the kite beach (Deer Creek Reservoir). We have organized a work day (Saturday October 10th between 9AM to 1PM) for those that use this area and would like to volunteer.

The State Park Manager along with some State Park employees will be helping us out. They will have a truck and trailer for hauling debris along with a tractor and brush hog that will be used to mow down the areas that we had cleared in previous years. As per last year, any additional willow cuttings will be placed into piles that will be burned by County Fire Warden. The State Park will be tightening the fence and creating 2-3 smaller entry areas (at the current openings). More prominent signage State Park / No Vehicle / No Dogs signage will be posted at each of these entries in the coming weeks.

For those that would like to volunteer, please come down and help out for the morning. Hopefully it'll be warm and we will have some afternoon winds!

Also thanks to everyone that has removed roots and cleaned up garbage at our various launch locations over the season!

Items to bring:

- Gloves / Eye protection / Boots / Long sleeve shirts / Ear protection
- Pick axes / shovels / items to cut and remove roots
- Other cutting tools / clippers / etc. - if you have something effective please bring it
- Trimmers with blade cutters are most effective
- Refer to last year's post below and reference the "items to bring" section: ... 0733835824

Tasks in priority:

1. Continue to clear out the willow shrubs at the north end of the kite area.
2. Removal of stumps / roots from the main outgoing / incoming corridors
3. Fanning out the south "Pro Pool" areas slightly to provide better angle for outgoing kiters.
4. Opening an additional area on the farthest south pool for incoming access at high water.
5. Fences - the State Park employees will be working on this.
6. Mowing of previously cut growth - the State Park employees will be working on this.

As there are several items of discussion that this cleanup has brought up for our kite community. Please refer to my post regarding "Deer Creek Reservoir - Kite Launch - Utah Kiting Community - Discussion" for any items outside of this particular cleanup.

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Re: kite beach improvements Sat Oct 10th

Postby andrewcarey44 » Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:40 am

Thanks for all your efforts Rob & Spencer. You have certainly fostered a great relationship with the state which in turn has built rapport and a better understanding of the sport. You have shouldered the responsibility of representing the kite “community” and for this I thank you. However, I agree with Todd on the issue of clearing more of the beach. Rob, please take my comments about your teaching as constructive as I understand that this is your livelihood and a business that you’ve built from the ground up which is something that I highly respect. You clearly are very successful with the number of lessons that I see happening almost every windy and non-windy day that I am up at DC. While we understand that this is your livelihood, please understand our perspective and fears of overcrowding as we all eat, sleep and breath kiting at DC and we want to see it remain this way for years to come.

Long story short, it is my opinion that learning how to kiteboard at BWB is dangerous and a beginner kiter shouldn’t launch from the grass at BWB unless they have significant experience. By clearing more bushes, it will certainly make the launch feel like more of a beginner spot however due to factors out of our control, it is simply not a spot to learn. It also attracts non-kiters to picnic and launch kayaks/SUPs etc. Like it or not, these non-kiters are a huge risk to our community. One kite falling on a non-kiter during a lull and we could be done for. I was on board with clearing the bushes last year however this past spring and early summer has convinced me otherwise as I have seen the numbers of beginners launching from the grass and hordes of non-kiters.

As for the lessons, it is my opinion that lessons at DC should be by boat or jetski support only and beginners should not be launched out of BWB. Back in 2014 you stated that you intend to be a one man show with no plans of hiring numerous instructors and over running the beach with lessons and that students will be under your direct supervision. From my recollection you taught almost exclusively by boat back then. I realize that was 6 years ago and A LOT has changed since then but word on the street is that you have hired another instructor and I see more and more people learning each week and only a handful of times have I seen it with boat support. Almost all students are being launched from BWB with multiple lessons occurring at one time. While this is a great business for you, it’s causing more and more congestion and added risk that I just don’t think that DC will be able to sustain. Please take my comments as my opinion, perception and observation over the last few years.

I completely agree that improvements such as signs, pay for parking etc. would be fantastic and we’ll be able to manage the risk better this way. I am very encouraged to see Spencer posting about establishing a committee to address these issues. To me that is what has been lacking in past years. I will certainly support the community’s decision regarding the launch, teaching at BWB, bush clearing, parking, signs, wind socks etc. if it is made by the community and not in a vacuum. I understand that we have a fractured community with numerous outlets for comment and discussion and A LOT of history and differing opinions. As Mike has said, let’s avoid a turf war, let bygones be bygones and come together to fight for our launch. Please let me know how I can help moving forward with this community effort. I have and remain willing to lend a hand or support financially. I have a son on the way that I want to see kiting at DC in about 10 years (like Calvin Bordy is now). I will do whatever it takes to make sure he has that chance.
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