9/20/23 G'ville 7.0, 105l

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04/15 Ut Lake SSB, 16M kite, 136
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9/20/23 G'ville 7.0, 105l

Postby DimitriMilovich » Wed Sep 20, 2023 7:50 pm

Arrived 7:45 to the welcome sight of Ken's Odyssey by the fence gate. No one else there except a few fishing boats.
Got out on the water at 8:30. G'ville South reading ~12g17. Much hooked-in slogging in holey wind coming off the slope. Occasional back and forth on the long walk to the car for different fins, hoping to get the system going. (Bigger board would have been smart.) Ken, who was rigged but watching bemusedly no doubt, said something to the effect of, "Don't worry, it'll pick up between 9:00 and 9:30, Grasshopper." 9:15 he brings his gear down and proceeds to plane away from shore. I get planing not long after. Geez.
Then we're off to the races. Much planing and fin flying for the next 45 minutes, when I had to come in to get to a doc's appt. Quite nice wind overall. Gusting to mid-20's by then. Peter and Carolyn from Brighton were just getting rigged, and two wing flyers were out (one I recognized but forgot name). When I pulled away at 10: 30, I could see Ken putting up great long sun-lit walls of spray on the other side on his 6.0.

Fun morning! A few swallows zooming around and a large flock of horned larks discussing best way to fly south... Gorgeous sunflower superbloom between G'ville exit and the International Center made the drive a joy.
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