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5/12 Craig's Pretty Windy Today

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 8:48 am
by Craig Goudie
Grantsville has AM 6M conditions and Yuba probably has similar both of which will lull around noon and
then come back with 4.5/9M vengeance around 1. The Rossberg rumor is that Rush is knee deep. It's
going to honk hard out there and with a wave skeg might be ok for windsurfers, so 3.2/6M conditions at Rush
1 until 6. Willard already has 7/14M conditions , which will probably go sub 5/10M by 1 and last into the evening.
DC with very gusty 5.5/11 from Noon until 6. Mona and UL with late gusty 5/10M conditions from 3 until dusk.
Sulfur with gusty 5M sail conditions. Just basically windy everywhere. Stay safe out there, and keep a weather
eye on the water for killer gusts.

Tomorrow, UL with steadier North 6/12M conditions late afternoon, and Rush with 10M Kite conditions PM, but watch
for T-heads and rogue gusts. Sulfur with 6M sail conditions and steady by Sulfur standards with mid 50s
air temps up there.

Sunday, more planable North at Rush and UL launches.