Snowkiting Locations

Snow Kiting has blasted on to the Utah map. We are quickly becoming known around country as the hot spot for snow kiting. Below is a list of sites popular this winter. Please email a description to add to these spots.

  • Skyline Drive in Fairview

  • Powder Mountian Resort aka (Pow Mow)

  • Strawberry (aka Strawbs)

  • Monte Cristo

  • Bear Lake

  • Park City - Field near Home Depot

  • Hogans Pass - Say you are at Skyline, and decide to continue over hwy 31 to Huntington. From there head south on hwy 10 towards I-70. At I-70 look for 'fremont jct." and signs for hwy 72 south towards Loa. You have to drivewest on 70 for a couple miles to find the off-ramp, and then double-back on the frontage road to catch hwy 72.
    Once heading south on hwy 72, you will start to gain altitude as you head towards Hogans pass. It is also called Thousand Lake mountain area. There is open sage brush terrain, and a big snow fence near the top. Its not like Skyline or Strawbs, but it sits around 8,000+ msl and is another area with similarities, its also in the middle of nowhere!

  • Pineview Reservoir - Between windsurfers beach and the spillway is the Dam Keepers House. Here in the middle of the channel are winds between 5 and 12 miles an hour just about every morning there is an inversion. The inversions are frequent and happen during clear cold nights, easy to predict. A cold clear night after a warm day means higher winds. The area is only a few hundred yards across but you can work your way up or down from there. If the ice is covered with powder, bring a big kite. This is the perfect place for beginners to dial in there skills.

  • Sulphur Creek

  • POM - Point of the mountain