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Surface Maps

Surface maps tell you where the fronts are, and show you the atmospheric pressure distribution in the region. 

Good for figuring out if you have to call in sick, or just leave work early when a front's about to hit.

National Surface Map Next 3 Days



                                         Current Regional Surface Map


                                                Surface Map Tomorrow

                                                Surface Map 48 Hours



           Jet Stream

Current Winds

Jet Stream Forecast


If the jet stream is over us with any speed, it greatly influences the sailing. This holds true unless we have dreaded "afternoon thunderstorms" in the area. Northerly or northwesterly jets will mean better sailing at Utah Lake. Westerly jet stream generally means good sailing at Sulfur Creek, and DeerCreek.


  • 3 Day Forecast Winds SLC
  • 3 Day Forecast Winds Provo
  • 3 Day Forecast Winds Evanston
  • Winds Aloft will give you the daily (6 AM, 6 PM) winds aloft reading from the radiosonde balloon sent up at SLC airport. Its useful for figuring out just what's up there and which way it's blowing. As the day heats up, these winds tend to mix more with the surface and affect our sailing. Note which altitude corresponds to where you are going, i.e., 7,000 ft is close to the elevation of Sulfur Creek.
 US Jet Stream from TWC        US Jet from SFSU & Accuview


More Generic Utah Weather

  • Current Weather Summary of Utah

  • Mesonet for Northern Utah Great site map of northern Utah and Wyoming with hot buttons for every reporting station in the area. Drag your mouse over the area you wish to check, then click and you'll get the last 12-24 hours of conditions.

  • 10 Day SLC Forecast from Somewhat useful for predicting Rush wind.

  • NOAA SLC Forecasts From Trip Houk (who never gets skunked) : "This site offers clickable forecasts and observation readings for specific areas. Here's how I use it: Scroll down to the map and click on the area which want to sail, (if you don't know click on area forecast) if it mentions wind of 10+ in the forecast, it will probably be sailable. Compare the current readings with the forecast, then you can go to the bottom of the page to get actual satellite pictures and radar readings."

  • Specific Point Weather Forecast Search by zip code; address; city,state; latitude/longitude, or, simply point on the map with the cursor to where you want the specific forecast for and click (map in this link, not the map to the right)... 1,3, or 6 hour increments etc... This is still under the "Experimental" heading on NOAA, however, it has been pretty accurate. Try it out.




Current Precipitation



Water Site Specific Weather Info

Clickable Regional Mesonet Wind Map  (very handy)



Rush Lake  

Penny's is about 1/2 mile to the South of Rush. The Stockton Bar is about 2 Miles to the North, but high up in the foothills, and being higher up in the atmosphere, usually reads high. The average between the 2 is the most likely wind speed at Rush. If the wind is different directions between the 2, wait an hour and try again. The Lake Point Predictor is (very roughly) a good predictor for the wind Rush will get about an hour later. Time Series allow you to check which way the wind, temperature, and pressure are trending, should you be bold enough to try and predict when the wind will be at Rush and how strong the wind will be.

Rush Lake Forecast & Current Conditions

Rush Lake(Penny's)

Rush Lake(Stockton)

Rush Lake Predictor

                             Grantsville Reservoir  


Reporting station right at the lake, what you see is what you get. Grantsville seems to offer rides throughout the summer if you are an early bird.  


Grantsville Forecast & Current Conditions

Grantsville Reservoir

Black Crook Peak

Mormon Trail Bar


Utah Lake (PBH live webcam  Lindon live webcam)

The Provo Muni Airport reads pretty true to North wind speeds at Lindon. South readings are pretty consistent if the wind is Southwest. If the wind is Southeast, don't go to Utah lake. The Saratoga Springs site is not far from the city park and should be good for checking weather at the park (Just a couple of miles South of Rocky Point). The Springville (SSB) site is becoming popular with Kite Boarders as a qualifier for wind at the South Sandy Beach. The Bluffdale site appears to switch North about 2 hours before the North gets to SSB.

ULSSB Forecast & Current Conditions

Utah Lake (SSB) Alternative

UL Lincoln Beach Current Conditions

Provo Boat Harbor Forecast & Current Conditions

Lindon Launch Forecast & Current Conditions

Saratoga Springs Forecast& Current Conditions

MM19 Current Forecast & Current Conditions

Utah Lake (Airport)

Utah Lake (Saratoga Springs)

ULSSB Predictor (Bluffdale)

Point of the Mountain-Alpine


Deer Creek (DC live webcam)

The Charleston station is just North of lake, but about 20 feet off the ground. Charleston is currently the best indicator of wind on the lake, and is pretty consistent with what you'd be sailing. The Dam Chute is very consistent with what you'd be sailing at Sailboat Beach, but it's typically only up in the late fall and early spring. The Arrowhead reporting station is at 8,252 feet is a good predictor of planable winds from the Southwest later that day at DeerCreek (the "Pine" effect).

DC Sailboat Beach Forecast & Current Conditions

DC Island Beach Forecast & Current Conditions

DC Snake Creek Launch Forecast and Current Conditions

Deer Creek (Heber Airport near Charleston)

Deer Creek (DAM)

Deer Creek Predictor

DC Weather Talker 435-657-0817




Sulfur Creek

The First Divide station is the best bet. Wahsatch EB may be a good predictor for West wind at Sulphur.

Salt Ponds

Courtesy Mike Rosberg: Anywhere between mile post 91 and 92, on I 80. I don't know if its really legal to park or not. Just flip your hood up before you go out.

South only works if we have some strong south. The North Thermal is strong. The Bermester link is right on the west end of the ponds. The north thermal is not as strong as Rush since we don't have any venturi effect



Morning Thermals in the 6.5 to 8.5 range under a South or Southwesterly flow.



South wind potential much like Rush. Look for local South conditions at 15-25 before you go. The "Nephi" link is about 7 miles from Mona.


Willard Bay (Willard live webcam)



Jordanelle (Jnell live webcam)



Pineview (Pineview live webcam)

Of dubious value, the Huntsville weather stations may be useful if the wind hits double digits.

Bear Lake (Bl Live webcam)




Lake Mojave - "Winter Camp"


The Bullhead City report is fairly accurate with North wind on the lake at Katherine's. 

South wind is fairly accurate at 6 Mile Cove to the Searchlight reading.

Kathrines Landing (South Mojave)


Lake Mojave (Bullhead City)


Lake Mojave (Bullhead City Airport)  This windgauge is the closest to Kathrine's Landing.


NOAA Cabinsite Point Forecast The NOAA point forecast seems to be shortranged - accurate for the next two or three days. Check out the 10 day Weather Channel forecast for a long range forecast.

Weather Channel Weather Channel 10 day forecast.


6 Mile Cove (North Mojave)


Lake Mojave (Searchlight)


Lake Mojave Iwindsurf Forecasts


Lake Mojave Wind and Temp Data 1999-2002

            Current Southwest Surface Map-Click for more clarity


SnowKite Specific Weather Sites

National Animated Surface map for next 3 days 



Kenny's useful Winter Wind  Links

Powder Mountain

Powder Montain Ski Resort allows snow kiting up on top... Pay attention to all rules that Powder Mountain has on kiting their area. Ask on the forum if you need to get educated before going to Powder Mountain for your first time... CLICK HERE for a forum discussion from Jan 2011 about "PowMow". Also see the threads immediately surrounding it.


Park City (Home Depot)

Driving east on I-80 drive an exit past Park City to exit at 40. Exit Silver Summit. Drive past Home Depot. Please respect the property, fences, etc. Use all kiting safety knowledge so that we are able to protect these kiting sites... Please respect the signs...


Rush Lake

Lake effect Snow and Wind from the GSL can bring powered riding. Wind pours from the North & South, with steady wind starting around 10 mph. In Jan, 2011, the snowpack in the Tooele valley was 200% normal... Haven't seen too many posts of people riding here yet.


Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive in Fairview Utah discovered for Snowkiting by Brian and Heather Schenck. It has become the annual site of the Snow Kite Masters in the spring that is a great event to attend. Some argue that it has the best terrain for snowkiting in the world... Try it for yourself...

Strawberry Reservoir Area

All around strawberry Reservoir there are numerous areas to snowkite. Pay attention to all signs and powerlines... CLICK HERE for a very imformative thread in the forum with contribution from veteran experience.


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